EcoFert Winter 2014 Bulletin

EcoFert Has Solutions to the Effects of Drought

The Ecofert Program of fertigation with organic based amendments is important to the successful management of total water usage, their associated costs and landscape appearance. Motivating factors include water use mandates (such as AB 1881), drought conditions and spiraling water costs.

When irrigation is reduced to less than optimal levels, the result is usually increased stress on plants (turf, shrubs and trees) and soil complex. Increased stress makes plant growth difficult. When irrigation levels get too low, technically referred to as “deficit irrigation”, plant survival is in danger.

The EcoFert Program helps overcome the stresses and makes it easier for plants to grow at deficit or reduced irrigation rates. Fertigation has been consistently shown to save more water than might be possible by other means alone. Using fertigation promotes healthy turf, shrubs and trees at reduced irrigation levels.

California state government has now declared a Drought Emergency. That means that as the drought increases irrigation will be significantly reduced. Reclaimed water systems, with inherent detriments to healthy landscapes, may be the only allowed means of irrigating. Priority sites like athletic fields may only get sufficient water if water management programs follow progressive guidelines.

According to the Metropolitan Water District, the Ecofert Program qualifies as progressive water management. In addition to fully installing, supplying and servicing fertigation systems with organic based amendments, EcoFert utilizes the unique factors of a property to seasonally recommend the correct watering protocol to minimize water usage/cost while maintaining a healthy landscape.

Drought News:

The Office of the Governor
Sacremento Bee

Saddleback College Update - Football Field

The Saddleback College football field presented a monumental challenge for EcoFert’s high use sports field program. The grass field is exposed to extremely heavy use in the fall by three football teams and two college soccer teams. In August of 2012 an article by Steve Dryer, writer for the Orange County Register and, stated, “Saddleback College’s football field usually is in terrible condition by late October. It is ahead of schedule”. Saddleback College contracted with EcoFert to apply their High Use Sports Field Program to the field in May of 2013 in hopes of having use of the field during the entire season.

To increase the health of the soil, EcoFert applied a 100% organic granular amendment prior to re-sodding of the football field in the off season. After the sod was applied and during the football season, EcoFert applied heavy doses of organic based amendments.

The EcoFert Program is a major success at Saddleback College. As shown by the November 22, 2013 photo, the Saddleback football field was very playable at the end of the season. By January 12, 2014, the football field looked brand new. The feedback from the Saddleback Staff has included comments such as, “the field hasn’t looked this good in years."

November 22, 2013 January 12, 2014
Saddleback College - November 22, 2013 Saddleback College - January 12, 2014

New Projects

Anaheim - Maxwell Park - This is the second park that the City of Anaheim has contracted for landscape care through the EcoFert Program. EcoFert has produced very positive results at Anaheim's Ronald Reagan Park, a very popular, heavily impacted, multi-purpose sports park.

San Clemente - Vista Hermosa Sports Park - San Clemente has contracted with EcoFert to apply the Program to this recently constructed, high profile sports park. The City is looking to Ecofert for solutions to what have been very challenging site conditions.

Los Alamitos - McAuliffe Park - EcoFert has contracted to apply the Program to this heavily used soccer complex. This property is a school system site jointly managed by the District and the City of Los Alamitos. This is EcoFert's second project in the City of Los Alamitos.

New Projects

City of Anaheim
Maxwell Park

City of San Clemente
Vista Hermosa Sports Complex

City of Los Alamitos
McAuliffe Park

For more information on the EcoFert Program for your field, park, slope, cemetery or median, please contact:

Steve Hunt:

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