EcoFert Fall 2013 Bulletin


The EcoFert Program uniquely combines the consistent, micro-dosing benefits of fertigation delivery systems with the nutrient enriching qualities of organic based amendments. The results include healthier landscapes and reduced water usage.

We thank our many clients for their continued patronage and invite all municipalities and commercial property owners to learn about our unique service and products.

Let's Play Soccer

The EcoFert Program is ideal for sports fields, and soccer is very high on that list. EcoFert is pleased to assist AYSO and the City of Torrance in upgrading Columbia Park to pristine condition for the 2014 National Championships. Robert Carson, Park Services Manager for Torrance, comments "Everything looks very good" and Linda Valentine, head of the women's AYSO program, "Looks Great! Can't wait to try them out." In addition, we have Programs on soccer fields in Irvine (2), La Verne (2), Tustin (2), Garden Grove (3) and Bell Gardens (2). Let EcoFert help to keep your soccer fields in top shape!!

Columbia Park
Pre-EcoFert (May 2013) After EcoFert (September 2013)
Columbia Park Before EcoFert Columbia Park After EcoFert

"Kick off" at Saddleback College

We are excited about initiating the EcoFert Program for all of the sports fields at Saddleback College, which includes football, baseball, softball and soccer. We have worked hand in hand with Saddleback College’s landscape maintenance staff to assure that these fields will withstand the rigors of heavy use, particularly the football field, which is used by the college and three high schools. EcoFert can get your school fields ready for any season.

Saddleback College
Pre-EcoFert (May 2013) After EcoFert (September 2013)
Saddleback College Before EcoFert Saddleback College After EcoFert

Cal Trans Pilot Project in Progress

After months of examining the benefits of the EcoFert Program, Cal Trans has granted to EcoFert the opportunity to conduct a pilot project at the Vista Hermosa north bound exit in San Clemente. The goal of the pilot project is to confirm to Cal Trans the benefits for freeway landscape health as well as water savings, to go along with the inherent personnel and equipment cost savings of fertigation. We have worked closely with Kevin Tong, Landscape Maintenance Programs Manager of Cal Trans District 12 to develop a model that shows the many potential cost savings to CalTrans from the EcoFert Program. Kevin and his team will be carefully monitoring the project to validate cost savings and soil benefits.

New Projects

Orange Co. Cemetery District (3)
Santa Ana
El Toro

City of Orange
Grijalva Park

City of Santa Ana
Lillie King Park

City of Irvine
Stonegate Park

Cal Trans
Vista Hermosa Pilot Project

Studies and Reports on Fertigation

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