Frequently Asked Questions

The Program

+-Q: What is fertigation?

A: Fertigation is the application of landscape amendments through irrigation systems.

+-Q: What is the advantage of fertigation vs. traditional fertilization?

A: The benefits of fertigation over traditional broadcast or drop-fertilizing methods include: increased nutrient absorption by plants; reduction in fertilizer and chemicals needed; reduced leaching to the water table; reduction in water usage resulting from the plant\'s increased root mass; and application of nutrients at the precise time they are needed and at the rate they are utilized.

+-Q: How does fertigation work?

A: The principal equipment components of a fertigation system are an injector and a holding tank. Liquid organic based amendments are micro-dosed into irrigation water through calibrated injectors. 

+-Q: Why organic-based amendments?

A: Organic fertilizers (amendments) are materials derived from either plant or animal products.  Organic-based amendments have a higher absorption rate, meaning more nutrients are absorbed by plants and soil.  The increase in biological activity results in soils that are softened or “fractured”, and thus less compacted.  Fractured soils allow for better absorption of water and nutrients, resulting in deeper root system growth.

+-Q: Are EcoFert's amendments safe?

A: EcoFert’s organic-based amendments and pest repellents are non toxic to people and pets. Organic-based fertigation also presents fewer environmental concerns than synthetic fertilizers, which have petroleum elements that pollute water run off.

+-Q: What are benefits of fertigation?

A: Precise micro dosing through an irrigation system is a far more efficient method of amendment application than manual application.  Traditional topical fertilizing results in a lower product absorption, with a large amount of run-off.  Constant micro application of organic based nutrients increases soil and plant health.

+-Q: How does organic-based fertigation improve soil?

A: Organic based landscape amendments are readily absorbed and as living elements expand in the soil.  This expansion further soils resulting in increased flow of water. 

+-Q: What are the benefits of liquid organic based amendments?

A: Traditional synthetic based fertilizers are petroleum based and therefore a source of pollution and soil compaction.  Granular fertilizers are poorly absorbed into soil and plants.  Liquid organic based amendments are efficiently applied and readily absorbed into the soil and plants. 

+-Q. What affect does the EcoFert Program have on reclaimed water?

 A: Many parks in Southern California are irrigated with reclaimed water.  A major problem with reclaimed water is high sodium content.  EcoFert’s organic based landscape amendments mitigate many of the negative affects of reclaimed water

+-Q: What happens if the EcoFert fertigation system does not operate properly?

A: EcoFert fully warrants the proper operation of the fertigation system during the life of the Program. 

+-Q: Can the EcoFert Program benefit all landscapes?

A: Yes.  The Program has been successfully applied to parks, sports fields, slopes, medians and cemeteries, in both coastal and inland environments.  The Program can be applied to any size landscape and to all types of greenscapes. 

+-Q: How do I get started with EcoFert?

A: It’s easy! Just call EcoFert for a no obligation assessment of your property. EcoFert will prepare a customized landscape health plan, including a technical soil analysis, and will provide organic-based amendment recommendations.  A technician then installs EcoFert’s fertigation equipment, with amendments specific to your landscape needs.