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EcoFert 2015 Fall Bulletin

All warm season turf will go dormant this time of year.  This is normal for turf that falls into the warm season turf varieties.  Warm season turf grows best in the spring and summer months and starts to shut down when the combined night and day temperatures fall below 55 degrees.  Soils tend to be temperature sinks and hold the cold night temperatures even when the day temperatures start to warm.  When combined soil temperatures start to reach 65 degrees, growth in turf grass will be stimulated.  Wait until spring and watch for greenRead More

EcoFert 2015 Spring Bulletin

When EcoFert commenced operations in 2011, we had a very simple but effective business model - application of nutrient rich organic based landscape amendments through fertigation delivery systems. Well, true to our mantra to always provide the best services and products, the EcoFert Program offerings have been expanded to meet the ongoing needs of our clients. As a result, EcoFert now has several important supplemental services to the EcoFert ProgramRead More

EcoFert 2015 Winter Bulletin

California is blessed to have generally mild and predictable weather, but there still is a seasonal element to vegetation growth in the state. The state's ongoing drought continues to be a major factor in landscape care. EcoFert's specialized organic based soil amendments provide landscapes with the nutrients needed for rapid growth. Read More

EcoFert 2014 Summer Bulletin

summer bulletin 2014

EcoFert is extremely pleased to announce that the Los Alamitos Unified School District (LAUSD) has contracted for application of the Program at all ten of the District’s school sites. That will include prestigious Los Alamitos High School. In all, a total of 69 acres of landscape will be added to EcoFert’s rapidly expanding portfolio.  Read More

EcoFert 2014 Winter Bulletin


The Ecofert Program of fertigation with organic based amendments is important to the successful management of total water usage, their associated costs and landscape appearance. Motivating factors include water use mandates (such as AB 1881), drought conditions and spiraling water costs. Read More

EcoFert 2013 Fall Bulletin


The EcoFert Program uniquely combines the consistent, micro-dosing benefits of fertigation delivery systems with the nutrient enriching qualities of organic based amendments. The results include healthier landscapes and reduced water usage. We thank our many clients for their continued patronage and invite all municipalities and commercial property owners to learn about our unique service and products. Read More

Saddleback College Case Study


Saddleback College is located in the City of Mission Viejo, which is in South Orange County. The College supports a very successful and active sports program.  The sports facilities include a grass football stadium, two softball fields, a baseball field, a soccer field, and a football practice field.  There is also a Quad at the center of campus that features many special events throughout the yearRead More