The EcoFert Program

An Innovative and Comprehensive                                                       Landscape Care Solution

As the foundation of EcoFert operations, the Soil Fertility Program is designed as a comprehensive solution to landscape health needs. The Soil Fertility Program is based on property and irrigation system analysis, soil science, customized organic based amendments, proven technology, fertigation injection and comprehensive client service.  

Site Analysis

Property analysis includes ongoing visual inspection of the landscapes and irrigation systems, as well as soil tests to determine how the Soil Fertility Program can best benefit a property.

  • Visual Inspection to determine the use and type of plant life, and of the overall condition of the property. Type and source of water also to be factored.
  • Irrigation System Analysis – Determine whether efficient and effective watering of the property.
  • Soil Analysis – Analysis of samples through a state-certified laboratory to determine quality and health of soil.

Fertigation System Installation

EcoFert installs only top level fertigation systems, which include at least one injector and a holding tank for the organic based amendments at each point of connection, as well as related hardware to connect to the existing irrigation system. The company has the right injector for all properties, no matter the type, size and use of the landscape. Besides providing all equipment and labor for the entire install process, EcoFert warrants proper operation of the fertigation system for the life of the Soil Fertility Program.

Monthly Application of Soil Amendments and Service

EcoFert’s expert field technicians inspect and test a property’s landscape and fertigation delivery systems on a monthly basis.  In addition, EcoFert supplies a specially determined protocol of soil amendments to suit the needs of each landscape.